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I cant take my self away from sharing this with you 🙂 Litlle break and smile … 🙂


MUST magazine

It has the most efficient presentation for developing our understanding of page construction. So that i want to share it with you. After you analyzing and understanding the page construction that presented on the first image and look the other images with this knowladge, it really makes sense. Wish you like them.





Fashion shoot for Amusement Magazine

Here a little break from editorial design construction research and lets look the photo shooting for amusement magazine. They look really good and dynamic. I really liked them and it triggered a passion and ambition to do something like that; suddenly 🙂 Wish you like them.





Creatie Magazine

I guess it has the most suitable construction for our assignment, in my researches. Even it do not have some extraordinary idea in it; like previous ones, it has clean and simple construction. Also i really like the presantation of its creator; especially the part he shows the photo shooting process from backstage and use headline like mirror image; also barcode of the magazine. Enjoy.




Tel Aviv based Magazine by Moshik Nadav

“24//7 is a Tel Aviv (City in Israel) based weekly Magazine. Tel Aviv is a non stop city that have attractions around the clock.

He used that fact and I created a magazine that gives the reader the best attractions that happen in the city. The reader can find his attraction by the hour of the day and by that, he can see what day the attractions is occurs. The Magazine was printed on a News Paper in broadsheet size (spreads: 81×57 cm)”
Here is another magazine research of mine. Even we cannot use these extraordinary construction in our assignments, it can also give an inspiration. Enjoy.

Ling Magazine

  • While i was making research about magazine construction, i have found some good editorial designs and page construction. Here one of them. ‘Redesign of Ling, the inflight magazine of vueling.’