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Issuu Presentation of Mihav Magazine



Content Page Samples

We are going to design content page, soon. So that this week i have made a little research about magazine content pages. Not all of them are in my like list but even i do not like, i wanted to put it to analyze.

Editorial illustrations

Editorial illustrations for Elle Russia, December 2009. Featuring the special section “Christmas Gifts”.

GuimarĂ£es Jazz 2010 Journal

Colurs and unexpected design really make me excited about trying similar design. Pages are really well constructed and it rectengulars provide reader to focus on the important points. Here is an explanations from editor:

“We were challenged once again to do a journal about Jazz, in which there were three different information categories: the main text – an historic/speculative one; the artist’s biographies and concert dates; additional events. Like last year’s edition, we were asked to make the main text be accompanied by the artist’s biographies, so, as a solution, we’ve decided to take the idea of overlapping the texts as the main concept of the journal. The overlapping works as a way of interfering and/or covering each other (in this case the pages) like what happens in Jazz music. We have different “layers” of information that interact with each other by this process of covering/uncovering. The different page formats appeal to the idea of different personalities that are in interaction with each other on one common ground, like an orchestra, resulting in one editorial object, in this case, the Jazz Journal.”

50th Anniversary Book

The book project was developed for The Companies 50th anniversary. Embossed around the Cover; All Fleet names throughout the companies first fifty years. The Book received Gold in The Norwegian advertising competition “Sterk Reklame” (“Strong Advertising”) in 2010.

Annual Report

Anthon B Nilsen, an over 100 years old company that operates in the fields of property, education and recycling. What a man carry in his pockets can tell a lot about a person, and Anton B Nilsens largest resource is their employees the individuals behind the scene. Documenting the company from the inside by showing their emplyees belongings, rather than just their faces, we learn to know the company at a personal level. Print finishing includes black foil blocking and three types of paper stock. Art direction and design in collaboration with Martine Holmsen and Berit Bakkerud at Plastelina. Photography by Mathias Fossum.

The Coca Cola Friendship Machine

I really like the idea and the sense of fun it gives.

Good & clever advertisement.