Nvidia – 3D Your PC





“For one of our newest international Clients – Nvidia HQ (USA) we produced
a global campaign ‘3D Your PC’ that empowers the release of 3D Vision product.
Series consist of 4 images.”


I really adore these graphics in order to its idea and appliction. I really want to 3D my pc when i see them. I really want to be in that situation of live in your game, be in your choosen film and etc. So that i guess campain really works.


  1. i was saw this adds yesterday and actually it provokes me to buy it 🙂 it is nice idea that giving a life to visuals

    • melisbalci
    • December 22nd, 2010

    they look really attractive and enjoyable. the color choice is really nice. and the images are not stable nice ads.

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